This website has been been updated just recently and I am trying to do so every now and then.

My music collection

My music collection — consisting of official releases on CD, BD, DVD, SACD, vinyl and other formats — is constantly growing. Many of the items can now be found listed in this section. Have fun browsing.

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Latest database record (# 2250, added on 2022-09-14):
The Secret Policeman's Concert [10th Anniversary Re-Issue] [CD]
Springtime / Amnesty International / Castle Communications, PLC, cat. no. CCSCD 351, EAN: 5 01761 935127 >

The gigs I have been to

Here's a list of most of the shows I have been enjoying in the past… decades already or that I am about to go watch in the near future.

04.06.2023Mike & The MechanicsStadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
03.06.2023Mike & The MechanicsFreilichtbühne Peißnitz, Halle (Saale), Germany
02.06.2023Mike & The MechanicsTempodrom, Berlin, Germany
19.11.2022Ray Wilson & BandBlues Garage, Isernhagen, Germany
18.11.2022Ray Wilson & BandBlues Garage, Isernhagen, Germany
17.11.2022Ray Wilson & BandWestand, Brunswick, Germany
12.11.2022Ray Wilson & BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
25.09.2022Deine FreundeDeutsches Haus, Flensburg, Germany
17.09.2022RoachfordNDR-Bühne, Hamburg, Germany
17.09.2022TonbandgerätNDR-Bühne, Hamburg, Germany
28.08.2022Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
11.08.2022RoachfordTravebühne, Lübeck, Germany
24.07.2022Ray Wilson & BandJoBeach, Hildesheim, Germany
23.07.2022Steve HackettLoreley Freilichtbühne, St. Goarshausen, Germany
23.07.2022LazuliLoreley Freilichtbühne, St. Goarshausen, Germany
23.07.2022TraumhausLoreley Freilichtbühne, St. Goarshausen, Germany
22.07.2022Ray Wilson & BandStadtwerke-Bühne, Duisburg, Germany
25.05.2022Max Goldt*Stadttheater, Flensburg, Germany
26.03.2022GenesisThe O2, London, England
19.03.2022GenesisLanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
11.03.2022Steve HackettLeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
10.03.2022GenesisZAG Arena, Hanover, Germany
08.03.2022GenesisMercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany
07.03.2022GenesisMercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany
06.03.2022Ray Wilson & BandSteinhof, Duisburg, Germany
16.12.2021GenesisTD Garden, Boston, MA, U.S.A.
15.12.2021GenesisTD Garden, Boston, MA, U.S.A.
10.12.2021GenesisUBS Arena, Elmont, NY, U.S.A.
05.11.2021Ray Wilson & BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
17.09.2021The WatchDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
14.08.2021Ray Wilson & BandHof Elisabethbay, Reußenköge, Germany
12.08.2021Ray Wilson & BandSchlosshof, Glücksburg, Germany
01.08.2021Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
26.06.2021Norman KeilSpieker, Eckernförde, Germany
19.09.2020Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
12.02.2020StereophonicsDocks, Hamburg, Germany
23.11.2019Ray Wilson & BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
16.08.2019Ray WilsonMølleparken, Sønderborg, Denmark
15.06.2019Phil CollinsHDI-Arena, Hanover, Germany
08.06.2019Phil CollinsCeres Park, Århus, Denmark
27.04.2019Ray Wilson & BandKolosseum, Lübeck, Germany
23.04.2019Steve HackettLaeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
22.04.2019Mike & the MechanicsLaeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
09.04.2019RPWLLogo, Hamburg, Germany
07.12.2018Max Goldt*Stadttheater, Flensburg, Germany
01.12.2018Ray WilsonMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
21.09.2018WingenfelderPumpe, Kiel, Germany
08.09.2018Ray WilsonCK Zamek, Poznań, Poland
07.09.2018Ray WilsonCK Zamek, Poznań, Poland
07.07.2018WingenfelderSchafflund Open Air, Schafflund, Germany
29.06.2018Norman Keil mit BandSt. Michael Kirche, Flensburg, Germany
22.06.2018WingenfelderKieler Woche, Kiel, Germany
04.05.2018Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
29.01.2018StereophonicsDocks, Hamburg, Germany
03.11.2017Ray Wilson & BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
14.07.2017Ray Wilson & BandCG Open Air, Husum, Germany
12.06.2017Phil CollinsLanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
05.05.2017Ray WilsonDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
28.04.2017Heinz Strunk*MAXdisco, Flensburg, Germany
11.04.2017Steve HackettLaeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
10.12.2016Ray Wilson & BandKolosseum, Lübeck, Germany
09.12.2016Ray Wilson & BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
01.11.2016RPWLLogo, Hamburg, Germany
13.10.2016Phil CollinsMarkus Lanz
(Studio: Phoenixhof), Hamburg, Germany
02.09.2016MandowarLand-Art, Havetoftloit/Torsballig, Germany
03.06.2016Phil CollinsSalle Métropole, Lausanne, Switzerland
21.05.2016Marcus MillerMawazine Festival, Rabat, Morocco
29.04.2016Ray Wilson & BandMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
23.04.2016Ray WilsonStadthalle, Neumünster, Germany
14.02.2016WingenfelderPumpe, Kiel, Germany
18.12.2015Ray WilsonMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
03.10.2015StereophonicsDocks, Hamburg, Germany
11.09.2015Steve HackettLaeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
23.06.2015Moop MamaKieler Woche, Kiel, Germany
23.05.2015WingenfelderAltes Heizwerk, Bredstedt, Germany
04.02.2015Heinz Strunk*MAXdisco, Flensburg, Germany
12.12.2014Ray WilsonMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
06.12.2014Ray WilsonGrünspan, Hamburg, Germany
22.11.2014Ray WilsonAudi-Zentrum, Flensburg, Germany
12.10.2014Ray WilsonKirche, Zarpen, Germany
11.10.2014Ray WilsonPumpe, Kiel, Germany
10.10.2014Jan Delay & Disko No. 1FlensArena, Flensburg, Germany
10.10.2014Moop MamaFlensArena, Flensburg, Germany
02.10.2014Norman KeilImagine-Bar im Deutschen Haus, Flensburg, Germany
09.08.2014Ray Wilson & StiltskinBiesdorfer Parkbühne, Berlin, Germany
08.07.2014Bob DylanFlens-Arena, Flensburg, Germany
24.06.2014Mike & the MechanicsKieler Woche, Kiel, Germany
06.06.2014Ray Wilson & TrioKerzenhof, Schafstedt, Germany
23.05.2014Ray WilsonSatrup Krog, Satrup, Germany
19.05.2014Thomas Gsella*Mensa, Flensburg, Germany
18.05.2014Steve HackettCCH, Hamburg, Germany
11.05.2014Sound Of ContactMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
11.05.2014Flower KingsMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
03.05.2014Peter GabrielTUI-Arena, Hanover, Germany
03.05.2014Jennie Abrahamson
& Linnea Olsson
TUI-Arena, Hanover, Germany
09.04.2014RPWLLogo, Hamburg, Germany
30.11.2013Ray Wilson & StiltskinRoxy Concerts, Flensburg, Germany
30.11.2013Ali Ferguson & the Stolen BandRoxy Concerts, Flensburg, Germany
23.11.2013Depeche ModeTUI Arena, Hanover, Germany
15.11.2013Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
15.11.2013Ali Ferguson & the Stolen BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
24.10.2013Steve HackettRoyal Albert Hall, London, England
23.10.2013Steve HackettColston Hall, Bristol, England
22.10.2013Peter GabrielThe O2, London, England
22.10.2013Jennie Abrahamson
& Linnea Olsson
The O2, London, England
21.10.2013Peter GabrielThe O2, London, England
21.10.2013Jennie Abrahamson
& Linnea Olsson
The O2, London, England
20.10.2013Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Kirche, Zarpen, Germany
19.10.2013Peter Gabrielo2 World, Berlin, Germany
19.10.2013Jennie Abrahamson
& Linnea Olsson
o2 World, Berlin, Germany
18.10.2013Peter Gabrielo2 World, Hamburg, Germany
18.10.2013Jennie Abrahamson
& Linnea Olsson
o2 World, Hamburg, Germany
17.10.2013Norman KeilHalle 23, Leck, Germany
28.09.2013Peter GabrielJyske Bank Boxen, Herning, Denmark
28.09.2013Jennie Abrahamson
& Linnea Olsson
Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning, Denmark
14.06.2013On A SundayStatt-Café, Kiel, Germany
31.05.2013Ray WilsonKerzenhof Dithmarschen, Schafstedt, Germany
19.05.2013Spock's BeardMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
19.05.2013Sound Of ContactMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
18.05.2013Ray Wilson & StiltskinFestivalgelände, Schneverdingen, Germany
12.05.2013Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Schafstall, Langeneß, Germany
12.05.2013Norman KeilSchafstall, Langeneß, Germany
11.05.2013Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Schafstall, Langeneß, Germany
11.05.2013Norman KeilSchafstall, Langeneß, Germany
10.05.2013Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Schafstall, Langeneß, Germany
10.05.2013Norman KeilSchafstall, Langeneß, Germany
09.05.2013Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Schafstall, Langeneß, Germany
09.05.2013Norman KeilSchafstall, Langeneß, Germany
06.05.2013Steve HackettKampnagel, Hamburg, Germany
02.05.2013Heinz Strunk*MAXdisco, Flensburg, Germany
20.04.2013Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartet
Kolosseum, Lübeck, Germany
18.11.2012Ray Wilson & StiltskinMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
09.11.2012Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
09.11.2012Ali Ferguson & the Stolen BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
19.10.2012Stick MenLogo, Hamburg, Germany
22.09.2012Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Roxy Concerts, Flensburg, Germany
21.09.2012Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Schützenhof, Bargteheide, Germany
31.05.2012Ray Wilson Acoustic BandKerzenhof Dithmarschen, Schafstedt, Germany
10.05.2012Max Goldt*Weiche Huus, Flensburg, Germany
05.05.2012ProftLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
04.05.2012Ray Wilson Acoustic BandLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
03.05.2012Ray Wilson Acoustic BandLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
24.04.2012RPWLLogo, Hamburg, Germany
31.03.2012Ray Wilson
& Genesis Classic Quartett
Downtown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
31.03.2012On A SundayDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
24.11.2011Ray Wilson & StiltskinFritzclub im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
24.11.2011Ali Ferguson & the Stolen BandFritzclub im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
18.11.2011Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
18.11.2011Ali Ferguson & the Stolen BandMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
10.11.2011Ray WilsonZentrale, Kisdorf, Germany
23.09.2011Ray Wilson & StiltskinDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
23.09.2011Ali Ferguson & the Stolen BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
22.09.2011Ray Wilson & BandSchützenhof, Bargteheide, Germany
17.09.2011Håkan Nesser*Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg, Germany
03.09.2011Ray Wilson & BandPflanzen-Center, Freienwill, Germany
13.08.2011Mike & The MechanicsWillkomm-Höft, Wedel, Germany
15.04.2011Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
14.04.2011Ray Wilson Acoustic BandBierstein, Ahrensburg, Germany
13.03.2011Ray Wilson Acoustic BandWassermühle, Trittau, Germany
12.03.2011Ray Wilson Acoustic BandSounds Liveclub, Lübeck, Germany
11.03.2011ProftLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
11.03.2011Ray Wilson Acoustic BandLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
10.03.2011Ray Wilson Acoustic BandLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
18.02.2011Heinz Strunk*MAXdisco, Flensburg, Germany
21.11.2010Ray Wilson
& The Berlin Symphony Ensemble
Laeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
03.10.2010Peter Gabrielo2 World, Hamburg, Germany
03.10.2010Ane Bruno2 World, Hamburg, Germany
30.09.2010ProftLand-Art, Havetoftloit/
Torsballig, Germany
16.09.2010Thomas Gsella*Kühlhaus, Flensburg, Germany
21.04.2010BlumentopfPumpe, Kiel, Germany
16.04.2010Ray Wilson Acoustic BandKerzenhof Dithmarschen, Schaftstedt, Germany
13.04.2010RPWLLogo, Hamburg, Germany
25.03.2010Peter Gabrielo2 World, Berlin, Germany
25.03.2010Ane Bruno2 World, Berlin, Germany
24.03.2010Peter Gabrielo2 World, Berlin, Germany
24.03.2010Ane Bruno2 World, Berlin, Germany
20.03.2010Ray Wilson Acoustic BandWerkhof, Lübeck, Germany
05.03.2010Ray Wilson Acoustic BandBierstein, Ahrensburg, Germany
04.03.2010Ray Wilson Acoustic BandBierstein, Ahrensburg, Germany
31.01.2010StereophonicsGroße Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany
22.01.2010Heinz Strunk*MAXdisco, Flensburg, Germany
14.12.2009Deichkind & Das BoDeutsches Haus, Flensburg, Germany
04.12.2009Ray Wilson & StiltskinDowntown Blusclub, Hamburg, Germany
28.11.2009Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusicHall, Worpswede, Germany
26.11.2009Ray Wilson & StiltskinFritzclub im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
16.11.2009The Musical BoxDie Glocke, Bremen, Germany
01.11.2009Jan Delay & Disko No. 1Deutsches Haus, Flensburg, Germany
01.11.2009Das Bo & DJ MadDeutsches Haus, Flensburg, Germany
26.10.2009Mando DiaoColorline Arena, Hamburg, Germany
27.09.2009Ray Wilson & BandBierstein, Ahrensburg, Germany
24.09.2009Virginia Jetzt!Winterfeldtplatz, Berlin, Germany
29.08.2009Helge SchneiderDeutsches Haus, Flensburg, Germany
10.07.2009Ray WilsonRütinger Hof, Grömitz, Germany
05.07.2009ColdplayFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
05.07.2009MadnessFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
05.07.2009Peter DohertyFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
04.07.2009Pet Shop BoysFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
04.07.2009DeichkindFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
04.07.2009Lili AllenFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
03.07.2009Nine Inch NailsFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
03.07.2009OasisFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
03.07.2009Nick Cave
& The Bad Seeds
Festival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
03.07.2009Faith No MoreFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
02.07.2009Kanye WestFestival Site, Roskilde, Denmark
26.06.2009Ray Wilson & StiltskinHarley Days, Hamburg, Germany
23.06.2009Thomas D.Kieler Woche, Kiel, Germany
23.06.2009BosseKieler Woche, Kiel, Germany
12.06.2009Trojaner, Jim Pansen & MoTummelum, Flensburg, Germany
28.03.2009Steve HackettKulturzentrum Klosterkirche, Remscheid, Germany
27.03.2009The WatchKulturzentrum Klosterkirche, Remscheid, Germany
27.03.2009John Hackett & Nick MagnusKulturzentrum Klosterkirche, Remscheid, Germany
18.01.2009OasisArena Berlin Treptow, Berlin, Germany
08.11.2008Ray Wilson & StiltskinDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
07.11.2008Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusic Hall, Worpswede, Germany
01.10.2008The Musical BoxCCH, Hamburg, Germany
24.08.2008Mando DiaoWasserski-Arena, Pinneberg, Germany
24.08.2008PennywiseWasserski-Arena, Pinneberg, Germany
23.08.2008Ray WilsonStrandsalon, Lübeck, Germany
08.06.2008Ray WilsonStadtfest, Bad Oldesloe, Germany
04.06.2008Herbert GrönemeyerExe, Flensburg, Germany
22.04.2008Fettes BrotDeutsches Haus, Flensburg, Germany
19.04.2008Ray Wilson & StiltskinDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
14.03.2008Die Vereinigten StartenKaffeehaus, Flensburg, Germany
22.02.2008StereophonicsMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
20.02.2008Ray WilsonDer Speicher, Schwerin, Germany
26.01.2008Ray WilsonZum Eck-Krug, Zarpen, Germany
16.11.2007Ray Wilson & StiltskinArena im Freizeithaus, Buxtehude, Germany
10.11.2007Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusic Hall, Worpswede, Germany
13.09.2007StereophonicsKnust, Hamburg, Germany
14.07.2007GenesisCirco Massimo, Rome, Italy
03.07.2007GenesisOlympiastadion, Berlin, Germany
30.06.2007GenesisParc des Princes, Paris, France
18.06.2007Peter GabrielStadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
15.06.2007GenesisAOL-Arena, Hamburg, Germany
30.03.2007Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
28.03.2007Ray Wilson & BandSnackbar, Neustadt i.H., Germany
12.12.2006Paul CarrackFabrik, Hamburg, Germany
10.11.2006Ray Wilson & StiltskinMusic Hall, Worpswede, Germany
19.10.2006Ray Wilson & StiltskinDer Speicher, Schwerin, Germany
18.10.2006Under byenVolksbad, Flensburg, Germany
14.10.2006Ray Wilson & StiltskinDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
10.05.2006Martin Sonneborn*Volksbad, Flensburg, Germany
11.02.2006Ray Wilson & BandDowntown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
20.10.2005OasisAlsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
02.10.2005StereophonicsGrünspan, Hamburg, Germany
16.06.2005Virginia Jetzt!Volksbad, Flensburg, Germany
27.05.2005Titanic Boygoup*Volksbad, Flensburg, Germany
11.11.2004Ray Wilson & BandRider's Café, Lübeck, Germany
03.11.2003StereophonicsThe Point, Dublin, Ireland
25.06.2003ReamonnKieler Woche, Kiel, Germany
24.04.2003Peter GabrielColorline Arena, Hamburg, Germany
08.03.2003OasisColorline Arena, Hamburg, Germany
08.09.2001Depeche ModeTrabrennbahn, Hamburg, Germany
29.06.1999R.E.M.Sportpark, Hanover, Germany
29.06.1999CatatoniaSportpark, Hanover, Germany
29.06.1999SuedeSportpark, Hanover, Germany
13.06.1999Mike & The MechanicsStadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
13.06.1999Suzanne VegaStadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
20.10.1998Herbert GrönemeyerOstseehalle, Kiel, Germany
13.09.1998EchtKohlmarkt, Lübeck, Germany
30.03.1998GenesisAlsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
24.11.1997OasisMessehalle 2, Hanover, Germany
24.11.1997SeahorsesMessehalle 2, Hanover, Germany
21.07.1997Jethro TullStadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
15.07.1996Kula ShakerTower Records, Picadilly Circus, London, England
04.09.1994Phil CollinsNiedersachsenstadion, Hanover, Germany
10.07.1992GenesisNiedersachsenstadion, Hanover, Germany
*) Author's reading